Building a Creative Home Environment

building-a-creative-home-environmentA lot of the things we know started at home. To promote children’s creativity, the home environment should support the goal. So, how do we build a creative space where children can explore their creativity?

Creativity comes from comfort and it is important that kids feel free to explore what they want and express themselves. Of course, the safety supervision of an adult is needed, but when possible, give them a relaxing time to try things out as an avenue to unleash creativity.

Imagine what can happen. Give your kids some “spark” by providing examples of the many hobbies, activities, or places. Try having a wall of possibilities – pictures of what can happen that may be the starting point of their next activity or next trip.

Play for fun. Fun is an important element in creativity. When the child is having fun, they are more willing to try something new. Encourage playtimes to balance their development and engagement.

Create something from anything. With the resources at home, try make-believe projects. The limited materials can get them to think out of the box and be resourceful in creating something in mind.

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