Why Is Preschool Important for Your Child?

why-is-preschool-important-for-your-childWhy should you enroll your child in preschool? Your child’s early years are the most important chapters of their life because they are starting to learn values and skills that will help them become respectable and right-minded members of the community once they grow older. We’re here to give you some insights on why it’s essential to enroll your child in a preschool in Minnesota Ave. NE, Washington, DC.

  • They Learn Social Skills.

    When your child is among other children their age, they can learn important social skills that help them express their thoughts, control their impulsive nature, and adapt to different situations. These are things that your child can learn in preschool instead of staying at home with a babysitter.

  • They Learn Basic Language and Mathematics Skills.

    Most child care centers typically have activities and programs that encourage your child’s learning abilities. This helps determine if your child is mathematically gifted or has a passion for learning languages.

  • It Prepares Your Child for Pre-K

    The various skills that your child can learn at child care centers make them ready for pre-kindergarten in Northeast Washington, DC. When your child feels well-prepared for the next chapter of their learning journey, they will feel more confident and ready to take on more challenges.

As a well-known child care center in the DC community, Community Educational Research Group supports your child’s development and helps them acquire the skills needed when they reach school age. We foster your child’s natural abilities and creativity in a safe space, as well as boost the skills that they will need to achieve success once they become adults.
Contact us using the following numbers:

Minnesota Avenue Facility: 202-397-1170

Antioch Facility: 202-397-8754

Good Hope Rd Facility: 202-582-0323

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