Extending Learning Through Play-Based Activities

extending-learning-through-play-based-activitiesLearning can take place in places other than a nursery school. Home is an excellent example of this. By incorporating play-based activities, family members can join to entice children to participate and learn new things.

As a reputable preschool in Minnesota Ave. NE, Washington, DC, we believe that a home can be an extension of a school where children can play and learn while also providing an opportunity for quality time spent with you and your children.

pre-kindergarten in Northeast Washington, DC recommends the activities below that are sure to catch your and your kids’ interests.

  • Happy Mirror

    This is an excellent home activity that involves learning about triangles, squares, circles, and other geometrical shapes.

  • Bingo

    It is a popular game that uses flashcards that promotes persistence in the study of new information.

  • Stars and Numbers

    This is a perfect game for kids that requires participation from other family members. They can learn the idea of quantity as well as endurance.

  • Happy Shapes

    This activity encourages kids to see, recognize, and name a geometric shape through a fun game.

Here at Community Educational Research Group, an early childhood center, we set up an environment that promotes quality teaching and learning through interactive indoor and outdoor activities.

If you need a trusted child care agency in the community, we are an ideal school to choose. Contact us today to learn more.

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