Helping your child in their learning development

After your child acquires the fundamentals from preschool, their next step is to delve into grade school. At this phase, our school is focused on enhancing their physical, mental, intellectual, and emotional aspects to nurture their knowledge, skills, and potential. We establish a learning environment that can help them acquire information efficiently, boosting their thirst to learn more complex topics. During their grade school years, they will learn how to harness their abilities and specialties, paving a path for their future endeavor and career. We service 7 area elementary schools. We will transport you child to their schools in the morning and pick them up from school in the afternoon in one of our vans or buses. Once at the center your child will receive a nutritious snack and engage in creative activities, play time or receive help with home work. During holidays or out of school time you can be sure that your child will remain safe and engaged while at the center full day.

Why Choose Us?

  • We develop programs and activities that can stimulate every child’s willingness, curiosity, and desire to attain new pieces of knowledge and perhaps cultivate the existing ones they have.
  • We encourage our students to open up and engage in conversations to boost their confidence.
  • We make sure that each student will not be left out of the class, addressing their problems and concerns with efficiency and respect.
  • We hire highly-skilled, passionate, licensed teachers to provide quality education to students of any grade level.

Connect with Us Today!

If you want your child to attain quality early education, Community Educational Research Group is more than ready to welcome your child. Should you have questions for us, feel free to send us a message anytime.