How to Deal with Temper Tantrums in Preschoolers

how-to-deal-with-temper-tantrums-in-preschoolersTemper tantrums are normal in childcare. It typically happens when a child feels frustrated. Our dedicated staff members are experts at handling this chaotic scenario, especially in a group of toddlers. We firmly believe that although there are some childcare providers in Good Hope Rd. SE, Washington, DC, nothing manages and does it better than our teachers and staff members at Community Educational Research Group.

Parents must note that temper tantrums occur for many reasons—big or small. As a reliable Daycare Center in Southeast, Washington, DC, we are here to give parents a few tips to help them deal with their child better while letting them know their feelings are valid.

  • Whenever tantrums happen, always remember to stay calm.

    Screaming at a child while they are in a bad position can only make things worst. Set yourself as their role model as you also control your emotions to alleviate their frustrations. This is what we usually do at our nursery school.

  • Take a few deep breaths.

    Dealing with a tantrum can be stressful for most parents. Always take the time to breathe and pause for at least 30 seconds before you react. Being a private preschool, to maintain our good reputation, our childcare team is trained to accommodate such behaviors.

  • Comfort and reassure your child.

    Most of the time, kids don’t know why they are frustrated and angry, which in the end, can make them scared of their tantrums. Let them know that you are not happy about their behavior, but you still love and care for them.

Feel free to apply the above-mentioned tips. Know that we also offer babysitter services whenever you need one. Get in touch with us today!

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