HealthCare4ChildCare through DC Health Link: Affordable Health Coverage for Early Childhood Education Providers and Their Teams

HealthCare4ChildCare for Employers Who Are Child Development Centers or Homes in the District of Columbia


HealthCare4ChildCare for Employers: Healthcare4ChildCare (HC4CC) provides free or low-cost health insurance through DC Health Link for employers (and their employees) who are early child development centers or homes and licensed through DC’s Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE).

  • Employers can pay $0 in monthly premiums (see Eligibility section for more details).
    • Employees can also pay $0 or get a reduction in monthly premiums
  • Employers can choose to offer multiple health insurance plans to their employees.
  • Plans available in Silver, Gold, or Platinum levels through our Small Business Market (see DC Health Link’s Glossary for definitions of these terms).
    • Plans in HC4CC are assigned to one of 3 metal levels to indicate how generous they are in paying expenses. Metal levels only focus on what the plan is expected to pay of medical expenses and do NOT reflect the quality of health care provided.

    • Silver plans generally have lower premiums, but employees pay more when getting covered services.
    • Gold and Platinum plans generally have higher premiums, but employees pay less when getting covered services.
  • Premiums (if any) are paid directly to DC Health Link.
    • Even if employees choose different health insurance carriers, an employer only has to make a single payment.
    • Multiple payment methods available including online payment.
  • Employers are encouraged (although not required) to contribute towards their employees’ monthly premiums.
  • HealthCare4ChildCare trained experts will help employers and their employees with enrollment process.



2023 Small Business Health and Dental Plans* (Click for Details)


Eligibility: Childcare center or home provider must be based in the District of Columbia. All employees, whether District residents or not, are eligible. District residents (and their families) who are full or part-time employees are eligible for free premiums by enrolling in our Individual & Family Market (see DC Resident Employee One-Pager) . Non-District residents are eligible for free or low-cost premiums through our Small Business Market. Employers that currently offer coverage outside of DC Health Link can also choose to participate in the HealthCare4ChildCare Continuing Coverage option. With Continuing Coverage, both DC-resident and non-DC resident employees can enroll in the employer’s benefits within our Small Business Market. Number of employees must not exceed 100 FTEs. Can include administrative and non-licensed educators as part of staff.

Free Health Insurance: If an employer chooses to offer Kaiser Permanente’s KP DC Standard Silver 4850/40/20%/Vision as their reference plan and employees choose this same plan, the employer and employees all pay $0. Free or low-cost premiums are guaranteed for the duration of the employer’s participation in HC4CC.

* Employer may offer low-cost dental plans, but those plans are not eligible for the HC4CC premium reduction.