Strategies to Reduce Your Child’s Screen Time

strategies-to-reduce-your-childs-screen-timeSmartphones and mobile devices are some of the technological advancements the current generation enjoys, but the previous generation was unable to at the same age. This means a difference in the experience that the generations have.

Today, getting a child out of their phones is one of the challenges that parents face. The adoption of these devices means a lot of things can happen online, eating up the child’s attention.

Let us talk about the different strategies to keep your child away from the screen.

  • Set clear expectations and establish rules as early as possible. Have an allowed amount of time to use a device or watch television. Make sure this is monitored and triggered by an alarm.
  • Keep realistic expectations. The amount of screen time reduced depends on the child’s case and no one should expect an immediate zero screen time for situations where a child spends hours and hours on the screen.
  • Go outside the house and experience nature or the community. Give your child the opportunity to experience what is actually out there.

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