Self-Harming Behaviors a Kid May Display

self-harming-behaviors-a-kid-may-displayKids do many things and adults may find some of these to be odd. After all, we gain enough understanding through the years. Children are still unaware of the implications or consequences of their actions. As responsible adults, it is our role to help them get better.

One of the things parents and guardians look after concerns the child’s safety. For example, if the child is displaying self-harming behaviors, addressing this situation immediately protects the child’s best interest.

These behaviors can be caused by different factors. As such, there are also different strategies to address and improve the situation. Recognition is the first and most important step to helping the child.

As your trusted child care agency, let us look at some of the self-harming behaviors.

  • Scratching, biting, or cutting themselves until the skin bleeds
  • Pulling hair from their scalp
  • Pulling off fingernails or toenails
  • Swallowing non-food items
  • Hitting oneself to cause bruises

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