Helping Your Child Overcome Separation Anxiety

helping-your-child-overcome-separation-anxietyChildren have contrasting reactions to going to Private Preschool. Some are giddy with excitement, some are worried, while others would cry and throw a tantrum as a result of their anxiety from being separated from their parents.

Our Early Childhood Center understands the frustration of parents who don’t know how to make their children feel better during these situations.

Through our education research group,we have seen the need to address this problem and provide different steps on how parents could approach this matter and see what works better. The first thing you should know is that the separation process is part of your child’s developmental growth; When you, as a parent, take a step back and let your child explore and learn new things with new people, they get to know themselves better in a concept called individuation. Individuation is when your child becomes more independent. The teaching staff of Daycare Center in Southeast, Washington, DC is here to guide students to reach their full potential not just through formal education but also by thinking outside the box.

Here at Community Educational Research Group,to ease your child’s separation anxiety, we make them feel safe through constant reassurance like telling them how excited you are to meet them after school. Parents can also resort to a reward system or give them a comfort toy for them to hold on to. Upon picking them up, remind them that you came back.

There are other ways we can help you with any growing concerns for your child. Just visit our Infant Care in 50th St. NE, Washington, DC.

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