Learning Math Made More Fun and Easy

learning-math-made-more-fun-and-easyChildren have different learning capabilities, and it is important that even at the stage of early childhood education,parents and teachers go hand in hand in gauging the development of the child’s learning progress. Formative assessments guide us in knowing how much the child understands and what teaching methods are effective for him.

Part of formative assessments are standardized tests, and when parents are notified that their child has been getting low test results for quite some time in the same subject, they usually find it alarming. Our Child Care Agency has seen cases of students who struggle with their academic performance.

Here are some tips that our active teachers from Daycare Center in Southeast, Washington, DC have gathered to make numbers and math formulas more fun for kids.

  • Applying Math Problems to the Real World

    A young student will have a hard time digesting formulas especially since the concept is entirely new to them. Here at Community Educational Research Group, we build up the child’s knowledge of basic information with objects and situations they usually encounter in real daily life.

  • Practice Counting Using Fun Objects

    In our Early Childhood Center, it’s all about learning while having fun. Our teachers encourage and stimulate the minds of the students by sorting out fun food items like gummy bears or m and m’s. By counting using their favorite treats, it gets easier for kids to remember their numbers 1-10.

  • Teaching Shapes Through Art Lessons

    While the idea of shapes is already fun in itself, we go the extra mile by incorporating art in our lessons, and this not only hones their perception but their sense of creativity as well.

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