Why Your Child Should Join in Out-of-School Activities

Why Your Child Should Join in Out-of-School Activities

As a provider of infant care in Northeast Washington, D.C., and the southeast, Community Educational Research Group is always providing avenues for your child’s development. Among the many programs we offer with this goal, we would like our dear parents to consider out-of-school activities.

These cover all those things we do during out of school time. You might believe that they offer your kids a chance to not get cooped up in a classroom, but it’s more than that. Here are some reasons why your child should participate in after-school activities.

  • These activities can boost academic performance.
    Research has shown that children who do out-of-school activities have a greater sense of confidence in their abilities, pay more attention in class, and feel more fulfilled in their school experience.
  • They develop life skills.
    Our high-quality early care seeks to develop your child’s social and emotional intelligence. Out-of-school activities do just that. They get to learn things like teamwork, empathy, and friendliness.
  • They encourage emotional wellness.
    Out-of-school activities give your child a change of pace, something we as a provider of childcare in Washington, D.C., know is valuable for their emotional stability. They enable your child to release stress and energy safely.
  • They promote healthy hobbies.
    What your child discovers through these activities could serve as a baseline for what they do for most of their lives. This means they can learn something productive and wholesome to spend most of their time on.

If you are interested in letting your child participate in out-of-school activities, learn about our programs today. Our child care centers in Southeast Washington, D.C., provide supervision and a safe place to engage in these activities and more. Talk to us!

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