How to Boost Your Child’s Pre-Literacy Skills

Although children do not usually learn how to read and write until after preschool, they can begin to develop the skills they need to become strong readers. Pre-literacy skills include narrative skills, vocabulary, letter knowledge, and more. Parents and caregivers like your babysitter can foster a love of reading early on to give your child the foundation to build strong literacy skills as they grow.

As one of the trusted nursery facilities in Washington, DC, we will share ways to boost your child’s pre-literacy skills:

  • Engage in conversation often.

    Start talking to your child from a young age and as they get older, engage them in conversation. This may include telling jokes, making up stories together, or asking about their day at their daycare center in Southeast, Washington, DC. Doing so develops their language skills to help with early literacy.

  • Make reading a part of your routine.

    Set aside a time each day to read to your child. Ask your child questions about the book you read and point out familiar words or letters. Reading with your child before they can verbalize words or phrases promotes language development.

  • Engage in physical activities.

    Developing fine and gross motor skills is essential to becoming an effective writer. Hence, encourage your child to engage in outdoor activities like running and skipping to build their fine and gross motor skills. This can help later as they learn how to write.

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