What You Should Know About Separation Anxiety in Kids?

Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is a condition where children become nervous or fearful when they are away from home or separated from their parents. A child with SAD worries about being apart from loved ones and has a fear of something bad happening to a loved one when they are not with the person. Hence, SAD can make it difficult to attend a daycare center in Southeast, Washington, DC.

As leading childcare providers in Good Hope Rd. SE, Washington, DC, we will discuss what you should know about separation anxiety in children:

  • What causes SAD?

    SAD can be caused by environmental and biological factors. Children may inherit a tendency to be anxious while an imbalance of chemicals in the brain can play a part. Children can also learn anxiety from family members or a traumatic event.

  • What are the symptoms of SAD?

    Knowing the symptoms of separation anxiety disorder can help your child overcome it. The symptoms to watch out for include:

    • Refusing to sleep alone and recurring nightmares about separation.

    • Refusing to go to school or daycare.
    • Fear and reluctance to be alone.
    • Temper tantrums or panic attacks when separated from parents or caregivers like a babysitter.
  • How is SAD diagnosed?

    Your healthcare provider can diagnose SAD by performing a physical exam to rule out any physical problems that may be causing the symptoms. If no physical problems are detected, a child psychiatrist or mental health expert can diagnose SAD through a mental health assessment.

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