Nurturing School-Aged Children’s Social Skills

Nurturing School-Aged Children’s Social Skills

Social skills are essential for an individual to have and sustain positive connections with others. Many of these abilities should be learned as part of educational programs since they are critical in forming and maintaining friendships and other meaningful relationships.

As we may know, social interactions do not always go as anticipated, and when issues arise, one must be able to use appropriate approaches such as conflict resolution. To achieve this, vital skills must be learned and practiced early on. That’s why it’s crucial to integrate this into child care programs and at home.

Recognizing this, we at Community Educational Research Group, a reliable provider of childcare in Washington, D.C., are here to present parents and caretakers with guidelines on how to nurture children’s social abilities. Examples are:

  • Modeling good behavior.
  • Helping your child choose activities that are suitable for his or her abilities.
  • Encouraging your child to talk with you and be open with his or her feelings.
  • Encouraging your child to get involved with hobbies and other activities.
  • Teach your child to respect and listen to authority figures.

In our facility, being one of the trusted child care centers in Southeast, Washington, D.C., we ensure that the children in our care are taught fundamental skills that will prepare them to handle any obstacle that may arise in the future.

If you wish to know more about our programs and services, get in touch with us today! We also provide infant care in Northeast Washington, D.C., and many more! Find out how we can be of help to you now!

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