How Early Childhood Enhances Social Skills


As adults, we can only imagine or estimate the earliest possible time when we learn. While many research and studies indicate brain development even in the early stages, we cannot underestimate the benefit of having a solid early childhood education.

As an Education Research Group in Washington, D.C., we ask ourselves the questions that lead to better learning solutions for our children. One that we observed is how necessary early education is to build the foundation for socialization.

Social skills are essential to survive adulthood. The child can build these skills early. For example, making friends require spending attention and concentration. The kid needs to focus on the child they wanted to be with. Distractions and noises that lead them away also cut them from the chance of making a friend.

Another key learning from early education is to understand language. The language may not be all verbal – there are body actions and expressions that signify meaning. The receptive child would be able to gain a friend from deciphering these cues.

Play skills and similar recreation provide a common ground for the child to interact with their peers. Just as how adults relate to people of the same interest, the child makes friends easier when they start sharing the same interest in games or other activities.

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