Common Challenges Experienced by School-Aged Children


Understanding the common challenges experienced by school-aged children is essential for creating a supportive and enriching environment at school and at home. Recognizing and addressing these challenges can significantly impact a child’s academic success, emotional well-being, and overall development. Would you like to gain a closer look at this matter? Community Educational Research Group, your trusty child care agency, has you covered!

Let us share with you some of the common challenges faced by children of school age, along with possible ways of alleviating them:

  • Concentration Challenges

    With increased academic demands, many school-age kids may find concentrating for prolonged periods difficult. Implementing regular breaks, providing a quiet and organized study environment, and breaking tasks into smaller, manageable chunks can improve concentration. Additionally, identifying whether there are underlying learning disabilities is crucial.

  • Peer Pressure and Bullying

    During this period, peer pressure and bullying may become more prevalent. It is essential to encourage open communication, teach assertiveness and resilience skills, and urge the implementation of anti-bullying programs to help children cope with these. Above all, prioritizing prevention entails nurturing appropriate social skills.

  • School Refusal

    Many school-age children also exhibit an increased reluctance to attend school. As advocates of proper child care, including infant care in 50th St. NE, Washington, DC, we advise promptly identifying the root cause, addressing any anxiety or fear related to school, and working collaboratively with school staff or mental health professionals, if necessary, to help children overcome school refusal.

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