Choosing Appropriate Toys for Your Preschooler


Children learn through play. The toys you purchase for your child can affect their development. As an education research group in Washington, D.C., we often emphasize the importance of quality over quantity when purchasing toys for your child.

Here are some things you may want to consider when purchasing toys for your preschooler:

  • Go for toys they can use in a variety of ways
    Blocks, nesting cups, and interlocking blocks can encourage their problem-solving, logical thinking, and imagination.
  • Select toys that encourage exploration and problem-solving
    Puzzles, shape-sorters, nesting blocks, and play dough are great toys to practice their problem-solving while playing.
  • Go for toys that spark their imagination
    Dress-up clothes, toy food, stuffed animals, and others can encourage their imagination and creativity by creating and acting out stories.
  • Have “real” stuff or toys that look like the real thing
    Plastic dishes and food, toy keys, toy phones, and other toys that imitate real objects help them figure out how objects in the real world work.
  • Add some toys that help them get ready to read
    Adding books, magnetic alphabet letters, and art supplies encourage familiarity with letters, text, and print, which helps them get ready to read.

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