Strategies to Help Nurture Your Child’s Creativity

strategies-to-help-nurture-your-childs-creativityMost people believe that creativity is something a person is born with and not something that can be taught. However, with the right environment and encouragement, children can learn to use their imaginations and develop their creativity. In addition to childcare in Washington, D.C., children’s creativity can also be nurtured in their homes.

As one of the most trusted child care centers in Southeast, Washington, D.C., we have gathered effective strategies to promote creativity in young children:

  • Provide a creative home environment.
    Create a relaxed and comfortable environment where children can creatively express themselves. This includes allowing children to think and play so that they can explore their ideas. It also helps to provide creative resources, such as paper and craft items, along with toys that promote imaginative play. This may include old clothes for make-believe or toys that allow kids to build and create.
  • Inspire big, creative thoughts.
    Children are naturally curious about the world around them. Encourage your child’s curiosity by asking open-ended questions. Questions like “What was the most challenging part of the activity?” or “Is there a way we can do this differently?” can inspire creative thinking and encourage kids to ask their own questions.
  • Reduce screen time.
    In addition to child care programs, reducing children’s screen time can encourage them to explore their interests and develop their skills. Minimize or set a limit for screen time each day and encourage your child to play and create instead.

Community Educational Research Group is a leading child care provider specializing in exceptional school programs to nurture children’s passion for learning. From infant care in Northeast Washington, D.C., to preschool, you can entrust us with your child’s early education. Reach out to us to learn more about our programs.

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