Why Should Children Develop a Daily Routine?

When things go haywire, most adults would feel frustrated and may even respond in a panic to the situation. That’s why some people plan their schedules in journals or follow an everyday routine. Just like adults, children also want a sense of security and familiarity in the things they do. Hence, as a premier early childhood center in DC, Community Educational Research Group strives to highlight the importance of routines for children.

If your child follows an erratic schedule, help them structure their day to make them feel productive. Consider these tips when creating a routine:

  • Involve your child in the planning process.

    Giving your child a chance to choose which activities to include in their routine will motivate them more to accomplish these duties. It is also essential to designate a time for your child to do whatever activities they want. Doing so adds flexibility to their schedule, keeping things exciting every day. An example would be adding play time during your child’s out of school time.

  • Set realistic priorities and goals.

    Planning for a daily routine takes time. Hence, we encourage parents to do a run-through of their child’s schedule on a day when everyone’s not in a rush. Give an allowance in between doing tasks, and be sure to prioritize the essential duties for the day. If your child wishes to postpone the extra activities, allow them to do so.

A successful routine never pressures a child to follow all the listed tasks since it may negatively impact their perception of finishing activities on time. That’s why we integrate a flexible schedule in our daycare center in Southeast, Washington, DC.

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