Ways to Promote Early Numeracy Skills in Preschoolers

ways-to-promote-early-numeracy-skills-in-preschoolersEarly numeracy skills pertain to a child’s ability to recognize and apply math concepts in different areas of life. This involves counting, understanding numbers, measuring, noticing patterns, and more. In addition to childcare in Washington, D.C., children’s everyday experiences are full of learning opportunities that help lay the foundation for numeracy.

As one of the leading child care centers in Southeast, Washington, D.C., we will share ways to promote early numeracy skills in preschoolers:

  • Ask open-ended questions.
    While it may be tempting to provide answers when your child is stuck with a math problem or a puzzle, it is more effective to ask open-ended questions. For instance, asking prompts like “What can you do next?” or “Where do you think this piece will go?” This will develop your child’s problem-solving ability and provide a sense of competence and motivation.
  • Play math games together.
    Aside from the activities your child participates in during preschool, another way to build early numeracy is to play math games at home. Playing games teaches children basic ideas about numbers while providing a fun-filled activity to nurture their love for learning.
  • Incorporate math-related activities into your routine.
    Ask your child to help out when cooking or baking by asking them to measure ingredients and to keep an eye on the timer. You can also look at price tags at the grocery store and calculate the cost together. You may incorporate these activities into your routine to promote early numeracy.

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