Ways to Help Your Child Overcome Baby Talking

Baby talk is part of a child’s speech development milestones. Once your child reaches school age, they naturally outgrow their tendency to talk in such a way. However, other children may find it challenging to overcome such a phase. As a parent, would you know how to respond and address the issue of your child not talking age appropriately?

As one of the premier nursery facilities in Washington, DC, we emphasize how children may regress to their old behavior. An example would be how a child may unintentionally bite their nails even when they know how to use the nail cutter. Regression in behavior happens to many children, and with the proper intervention from their parents and teachers, they can lose these inappropriate tendencies before they develop into uncontrollable habits.

Before parents think of strategies to address the issue of baby talking, they must first discover the reasoning behind the regression. Sometimes, when the household has a new baby, the child may imitate the way the baby speaks to get the attention of the parents or the babysitter. When this happens, you can calmly remind them to talk like a “grown-up” so you can understand them. It’s also ideal to praise them whenever they decide not to babytalk without your intervention.

On a more alarming note, if you think your child’s regression may stem from a speech delay or developmental problem, we encourage you to seek the help of your child’s pediatrician. You must ensure your child isn’t at risk of developing a condition or disability.

At the Community Educational Research Group, we provide a creative curriculum for children to learn and grow past their regressive behaviors. Contact us to learn more about our infant care in 50th St. NE, Washington, DC.

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