Ways to Develop Your Child’s Communication Skills

The ability to communicate is essential to express one’s thoughts and emotions and connect with others, both verbally and non-verbally. Most children learn to communicate to establish relationships with family members. In addition to enrolling your child in nursery facilities in Washington, DC, here are ways you can develop your child’s communication skills at home:

  • Engage in pretend games.

    Assign roles and act out a scenario from a book or movie. Get other family members to play or schedule a play date with other children. Stimulate social activities like visiting grandparents or interacting with a babysitter. This will help your child learn how to act appropriately in these situations.

  • Practice greetings and politeness.

    Teach your child the correct way to greet people, including different adults. Instill politeness in your child by utilizing language in indirect and direct ways. This will help your child build good habits and positive behaviors at home and daycare center in Southeast, Washington, DC.

  • Create stories together.

    Create a story together and take turns adding more details to the characters and plots. You can guide your child to organize their thoughts properly and use this activity to depict the appropriate behavior in various social activities. You can then act out these stories with puppets or their toys.

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