Tips to Instill a Love for Learning in Kids

Children are curious and want to explore the world around them. From a young age, a love of learning can be developed and cultivated. In addition to attending nursery facilities in Washington, DC, there are ways to instill a love for learning at home as well.

As reputable childcare providers in Good Hope Rd. SE, Washington, DC, we will share a few tips to establish a love for learning in young children:

  • Discover interests and passions.

    Help your child discover their interests and passions. This enables children to select topics of interest to pursue which can help spark a love for learning. Support your child’s interests by offering to go to museums, attend theatrical performances, or help them select books on topics they are interested in.

  • Provide hands-on experiences.

    Hands-on learning helps children learn better as they feel more engaged with the tasks on hand. Experiences and hands-on activities can spark children’s imagination and interest. Having a hands-on learning experience also helps kids process information and is a more enjoyable and fulfilling way to learn.

  • Take part in OST.

    Our Out of School Time (OST) program provides a conducive learning environment for kids between their usual school-to-home cycle. We organize activities that promote socialization and engage children to develop their skills. This establishes a love for learning beyond our regular programs.

Community Educational Research Group is a respected and established daycare center in Southeast, Washington, DC. We offer childcare and school programs to promote healthy development in young learners.

Contact us today to inquire about our programs and enrollment.

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