The Role of Out of School Time Programs


Out of school time (OST) programs in early childhood play a pivotal role in extending learning opportunities beyond traditional school hours. These programs provide a supportive and enriching environment for young children during this crucial window of time. Join us at Community Educational Research Group as we delve deeper into this matter!

In our early childhood center, we strive to foster optimal development in children beyond the confines of our facility. That’s why we see to it that we shed light on critical information enabling parents to make well-informed decisions. Please refer to the following to learn about the key advantages of such programs:

  • OST programs offer children opportunities to interact with peers outside their regular school setting. Through these initiatives, our child care agency paves the path for increased participation in group activities, collaboration, and play. Ultimately, the overarching goal is to foster the development of essential social skills, including communication, cooperation, and conflict resolution.
  • Such programs frequently incorporate educational elements to offer extra support for academic advancement. Children in nursery school or older have the opportunity to receive homework assistance, engage in educational games, and participate in enrichment activities that reinforce and extend their learning beyond the typical school day.
  • OST programs frequently emphasize the cultivation of positive values and character traits, where children learn and practice fundamental qualities such as responsibility, respect, empathy, and perseverance through structured activities and interactions. These traits contribute significantly to their personal and social development.

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