Teach Children About Responsibility

Each member of the family has roles to fulfill. The parents must earn for a living to sustain their children’s needs and shape them into responsible individuals — while school age children must study well and fulfill the responsibilities mandated to them by their parents as well as their teachers.

And speaking of responsibility, how do you teach it to your child in preschool in Minnesota Ave. NE, Washington, DC?
Here are some tips:

  • Give your children age-appropriate tasks at home
  • Allow your child to learn from mistakes and make up for them.
  • Recognize the positive things they did and why they matter.
  • Provide encouraging words and let them know you have confidence that they will do the right thing.
  • Give them time and freedom to discover things by themselves.

On things like this, make your instructions clear and simple, and do not expect perfection. Children are children. There are many things they need to know — from the basics of pre-kindergarten in Northeast Washington, DC, to advanced learning. Do not expect them to master things immediately because we all started as beginners.

Do not show anger with simple mistakes, let them know you count on them and you are always by their side to guide them to do what is right.

It also helps when their private preschool educators have the same wavelength and vision as you are. And we at the Community Educational Research Group are willing to do the same and support them in becoming happy and responsible children.

Entrust them to our child care agency. Call us at 202-582-0323.

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