Simple Ways to Encourage Learning at Home

Simple Ways to Encourage Learning at Home

When it comes to childcare, learning doesn’t necessarily have to end at school. There are several effective yet simple ways to extend learning from your child’s preschool in Southeast, Washington, D.C. to your home.

As a trusted provider of childcare in Northeast Washington, D.C., we at Community Educational Research Group will share simple ways parents can encourage learning at home:

  • Develop an atmosphere of learning.
    One way to encourage learning at home is by developing an atmosphere of learning. Although you don’t necessarily have to decorate your home like a classroom, you can dedicate a corner or small space for your child. Being surrounded by books or educational toys encourages them to apply what they’ve learned in school at home.
  • Encourage open, honest communication.
    Encouraging your child to speak about their opinions or thoughts develops an open atmosphere that allows them to feel comfortable expressing their ideas. Listening and validating their ideas to keep them engaged in the learning process and develop their self-esteem.
  • Make learning fun and interesting.
    Teaching your child new skills at home can be a fun-filled activity by utilizing a play-based approach. Learning through play offers several advantages to children and makes learning engaging and fun.

As an education research group in Washington, D.C., we put your child’s development as our top priority. We offer several programs from infant care to preschool to set your little genius up for success. Browse our site to enroll or find out more about our available programs.

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