Reasons Why Preschool is Good for Your Child

Reasons Why Preschool is Good for Your Child

For most children in preschool, this stage in their learning development is the first time they are exposed to a more structured setting with teachers and their peers. A high-quality preschool in Southeast, Washington, D.C. is designed to set up young children for future academic, social, and emotional success.

As a trusted provider of childcare in Northeast Washington, D.C., we will share a few reasons why preschool is good for children:
Preschool introduces more structured days.

An early childhood education provides an opportunity for children to become exposed to a more structured setting. In the classroom, kids learn how to share toys and learning materials, while learning how to follow instructions and how to get along with other children. This group experience will help prepare them for higher levels of education.
Preschool establishes a foundation for learning.

Young children are naturally observant and curious. By enrolling in preschool, kids are able to nurture their natural curiosity and develop their skills. This will help prepare young children for the academic demands of school while preparing them socially and emotionally.
Preschool develops young children’s skills.

In preschool, children learn the concept of letters and numbers at their own pace through engaging educational activities. Through different activities like story time and educational games, children learn how to count, spell, and learn the meaning of words and phrases.

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