Reasons to Choose Our Exceptional Child Care Center

Are your school age children about to start preschool? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the process of searching through various preschools? Always keep this in mind when selecting a preschool in Minnesota Ave. NE, Washington, DC, that children’s learning is dependent on developing trust with the teachers.

Community Educational Research Group – the finest early childhood center that lays down a foundation for all children to grow both socially and academically – is one such location where children can gain self-confidence while also working on increasing their skill set. We adopt a highly deliberate approach to every child’s education, nutrition, and many more.

We will provide your children the opportunity to develop. Our school provides a structured environment with the teachers and other kids which helps everyone to develop many attributes such as sharing, following directions, mingling with other children, etc. This will allow children to develop a strong basis for learning that will happen in elementary school.

Our nursery school and preschool deliver a high-quality learning curriculum that includes both playtime and study time for your children. We let each kid choose the activities they want to participate in. This encourages children to pursue their hobbies rather than roam. We also offer personalized attention to children who are unable to determine what activities they are interested in by making ideas on how to proceed. We have hired experienced teachers who understand the value of education and child care, as well as how to align them with children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skill sets.

All you parents can stay rest assured that at our facility your child will always be carefully looked for. You also won’t be worried about entrusting your newborns to us because we can guarantee exceptional infant care!

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