Make Math Memorable with Everyday Activities

make-math-memorable-with-everyday-activitiesIs your child struggling with math? Learning numbers is not always the easiest subject in school. Some children may exhibit learning at a faster pace while some kids may take more time to learn the digits. Learning math does not only happen in child care centers. In fact, many activities at home and around the community can be maximized as learning opportunities for the child.

Learning numbers can be done at home. After learning the basic digits, you can help build literacy by having the kid remember 9-1-1 as the first number to call during an emergency. Another string of numbers to remember would be the family’s home phone number or the house number. Not only are you teaching the kid about numbers, but you are also preparing them for critical situations.

A fun activity can happen out of going to the grocery and shopping for items while taking note of the price. The supermarket houses many number labels and your child can happily go through their favorite snacks or supplies and read the price indicated.

In school, find a learning partner that’s ready to help your child no matter what.

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