Is Homework Your Child’s Enemy? Don’t Let It Be!

When it comes to homework, children would complain, put it off, or even dispute about having to do it during out of school time. However, the best way for parents to avoid this conflict is to take a proactive, routine-based approach. After all, children value consistency. If you set boundaries and stick to them every day, they will learn to anticipate the routine. They will not be pushing the envelope as regularly as you may imagine.

As a result, Community Educational Research Group, your trusted preschool in Minnesota Ave. NE, Washington, DC, would like to give some helpful advice on how to assist your kid to become more proactive with their homework assignments.

  • Create a routine.

    Childcare providers recommend designating a distinct time and location for homework completion. Make certain that this procedure is followed consistently.

  • Stay in touch but don’t hover.

    Doing so will encourage your child to approach you all the time for assistance. This can end in spoon-feeding.

  • Remove any potential distractions.

    For example, if your school age child can’t concentrate while watching TV, turn it off. If your child does not require technology to complete their homework, turn off cell phones and computers.

  • Recognize and reward good behavior.

    Make it a point to do something fun and productive with them after they finish their homework on time.

  • Communicate with their teachers.
    Inquire with their teachers about your child’s progress in their pre-kindergarten in Northeast Washington, DC. You will be aware of the subjects in which they are struggling.

If you want to enroll your child in our child care agency, please contact us at any time. We also offer infant care.

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