How You Can Get Your Kid Started on Reading

How You Can Get Your Kid Started on Reading

Reading is one of the key skills your child has to use in early childhood education. But we don’t think about they can learn it until we start trying to teach them. Then we know just how complex it is as a skill we use every day.

Fortunately, there are simple ways to cultivate this skill in your child. As a provider of infant care in Northeast Washington, D.C., Community Educational Research Group gladly shares its expertise with parents who want to give their kids a headstart in reading.

Start by trying out these time-tested tips:

  • Play and sing along with nursery rhymes.
    There’s a reason why these songs are easy to remember. Their inherent rhymes and rhythms engage our ability to recognize sounds and syllables. This is necessary to help your child grasp of how letters and words work.
  • Use word cards.
    Those big cards with pictures and their names under them teach your child how to sound out. You can play a game where you let them pick a random card, hold it up, read the whole word first, and then enunciate each syllable. This introduces them to phonics and the use of decoding.
  • Play word games from time to time.
    Our environment is full of words plastered everywhere. You can ask your kid to try reading them, spell them out, and point out which letters are used.
  • Above all, practice reading with them.
    Pick up books that suit the preschool level and read together. This shows them what a fluent reader sounds like, allowing your kid to take cues from you. Make a routine out of it, perhaps a little pre-sleep ritual to give them something to look forward to daily.

These are just some ways you can train your child how to read. Of course, our child care centers in Southeast Washington, D.C., offer a curriculum that develops reading skills to help your child grow into effective communicators.

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