How to Instill a Love for Learning in Your Child

How to Instill a Love for Learning in Your Child

Children have an innate curiosity, the eagerness to explore their surroundings and soaking up all the information they encounter. But an education research group in Washington, D.C, will tell you that the love for learning- will be lost. For some unknown reason, children will dread going to school and do not want to learn new things anymore.

Worry no more because our preschool in Southeast, Washington, D.C., can help. There are simple yet effective strategies to instill in your child to help develop and cultivate their love for learning.

  • First, help your child discover their interests and passions. Expose them to different experiences and provide them with hands-on and engaging learning. Make sure that their learning is fun and an adventure.
  • Second, as childcare in Northeast Washington, D.C, it is important to be role models to the children under our care. Thus, as a parent, be a model to your child by showing your interests and passion. Talk to them about why learning is fun.
  • Third, find your child’s learning style. Don’t put your effort into waste. Community Educational Research Group makes sure to observe and note what kind of learning style the child excels in. Each child has a unique way of learning.
  • Lastly, when the child asks you or demonstrates curiosity over something, do your best to answer. Make your discussions fun and not a boring lecture. Remember, the attention span of a child is low. Hence, you cannot expect them to withstand boring lectures. Also, set reasonable expectations, be more supportive and encouraging.

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