How Children Benefit from Daily Routines

All families require some kind of routine to establish normalcy, provide security, and get daily tasks done. Familiar activities can provide comfort for children during challenging times. Like adults, children are more confident and secure when they have a consistent schedule to follow both at their nursery facilities in Washington, DC,and at home.

As a provider of infant care in 50th St. NE, Washington, DC, we will discuss how children benefit from having routines:

  • Help your child follow a schedule.

    Having a consistent routine will help your child and their body clock with daily activities, such as regular bowel movements, naps, meals, and playtime. When your child and their body know what activity to expect at certain hours of the day, they are more easily able to perform the activity or task.

  • Cultivate a calm environment.

    When children and other household members know what to expect, anxiety and stress levels are reduced. This promotes quiet times at home to help balance children’s hyperactive periods throughout the day.

  • Bond together as a family.

    When children partake in regular family activities, they can share the family’s values, beliefs, and interests. Having a routine in place also enables school age children and other family members to bond and spend quality time together.

  • Promote independence.

    A routine helps children know when to brush their teeth or get ready for bed. This encourages them to be independent and will give them the confidence to perform daily tasks on their own. This helps establish healthy habits from a young age.

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