How Can Parents Nurture School Readiness?

Fostering school readiness in young children goes beyond just academics. It’s about building a foundation of skills and experiences that will help them thrive in the structuredschoolenvironment. Are you wondering how you might accomplish all these? Community Educational Research Group is a trusted preschool in Minnesota Ave. NE, Washington, DC, is at your service!

Parents and caregivers may refer to the following guidelines on nurturing school readiness—presented by one of the best child care centers in the community:

  • Enroll your child in playgroups and early programs, or schedule playdates with other children. This step can significantly help them develop social skills like turn-taking, sharing, and cooperation, which are crucial as they soon enter nursery school.
  • Help your child understand and manage their feelings by reading stories that explore different emotions and coping mechanisms. This approach will equip them with the language and understanding of naming their feelings, building an essential skill for navigating the social complexities of a school environment or any early childhood center, for that matter.
  • Empower your child’s independence and confidence by teaching them age-appropriate tasks like dressing, using the bathroom, and packing their bag. Setting predictable routines for meals, bedtime, and playtime is also encouraged, as this provides a sense of security and helps children learn to anticipate and transition smoothly.

Every child differs from the other. We must highlight that these are just suggestions, and the most important thing is to create a loving and nurturing environment where your child feels safe to explore, learn, and grow. If you want to enroll your child in our private preschool, call us today!

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