Fun Activities to Develop Your Child’s Math Skills

Preschoolers are at an age where they are curious about the world around them. Learning at a daycare center in Southeast, Washington, DC provides an opportunity to develop their math skills. Learning to count and other basic math skills promotes working memory, improves focus, and boosts other basic cognitive skills. Likewise, here are a few fun activities that help develop your child’s math skills:

  • Count everyday objects.

    Count objects in everyday contexts, such as counting the buttons on your child’s shirt or how many grocery items you have in your shopping cart during out of school time. Start with smaller numbers and slowly work your way up until your child is ready for a challenge.

  • Find objects that go together.

    Develop your child’s one-to-one correspondence by finding objects that correlate. This may include cups and saucers and cowboy and horse toy figures. Ask your child to pair them together and have them count each set of objects to help reinforce the idea.

  • Play board games together.

    In addition to the recreational activities your child takes part in at nursery facilities in Washington, DC, play board games together at home. Most board games involve counting and recognizing count moves or numbers. More complex games may involve using two dice instead of one to help your child get familiar with bigger numbers.

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