Fostering Your Child’s Education at Home

fostering-your-childs-education-at-homeLearning is a dynamic process that doesn’t exclusively happen within the classroom walls. At Community Educational Research Group, we find purpose in helping parents create a home environment that ensures the continuous learning of their school age children. Consider the following tips:

  • Develop a daily schedule and routine

    Predictability helps children find comfort in learning. By creating schedules, you can maximize your child’s time for productive learning while providing them with something to look forward to daily. If your child doesn’t follow a routine, they might feel overwhelmed by the activities, making them less cooperative.

  • Manage frustrations

    At our Early Childhood Center, we often encounter episodes of children throwing tantrums since doing so is the easiest way for them to express frustration. However, when these reactions are left unmanaged, they can develop into maladaptive behavior. Hence, we encourage parents to help their children overcome frustrations at home by introducing them to simple calming strategies and explaining the concept of actions and consequences.

  • Provide learning opportunities

    Learning opportunities are available everywhere, and you can maximize these opportunities at home by having your child help with household chores. Providing them with age-appropriate errands during their out of school time will help children learn about the value of responsibility and independence at an early age.

  • Collaborate with their teachers

    Part of our responsibility as childcare providers in Good Hope Rd. SE, Washington, DC, is to collaborate actively with the parents. Our years of experience can help parents navigate the phase of parenthood, especially when they’re relatively new to such a responsibility.

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