Essential Moral Values Kids Learn at Daycare

Moral values are what distinguish us as humans, and they are instilled in us from childhood. This is a philosophy that we at Community Educational Research Group passionately believe in, which is why the major goal of all of our activities is to instill important moral values in our children. Furthermore, because children spend a substantial amount of their day at our daycare center in Southeast, Washington, DC, we recognize the need of ensuring that your children are also growing up – not just physically, but also psychologically.

  • Respect

    When we say respect, we don’t only mean respect for parents. It goes beyond teaching children to respect their classmates, elders, plants and animals, and all other living beings. Beyond anything else, we aim to instill in our children a sense of self-worth.

  • Helping Nature

    We strive to instill this policy of aiding our children by holding numerous activities that need our children to assist one another and complete an activity or assignment. We urge our students to assist their peers, teachers, parents at home, and others in need.

  • Not hurting anyone

    We must teach our children the value of not hurting others. It includes not only bodily pain but also verbal and mental pain.

  • Honesty

    Children should be taught to speak the truth in all situations, even when they have wronged others, and they should be praised for being honest and true.

As trusted childcare providers in Good Hope Rd. SE, Washington, DC, our efforts don’t stop at telling them the importance of these values but at showing them, through inspiring moral story videos and illustrations.

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