Discover Healthy Snacking for Children

Discover Healthy Snacking for Children

Snacking is an essential part of a child’s diet as it keeps them full between meals while meeting their daily need for energy. Without snacking, a child can easily go hungry and become cranky at home or while in their preschool in Southeast, Washington, D.C. They also lose their ability to concentrate on the things they need to do and may hinder their learning.

At home, it’s always important for parents to observe when their child’s hunger spike. While regular meals need to be scheduled, snacking also needs to be done the same way. This can help parents monitor their diet and to avoid their child from becoming overweight.

According to our Education Research Group in Washington, D.C., most children find chips, cakes, chocolates, and other candies appealing when snacking. However, parents need to consider their child’s health and choose to serve them healthy snacks. Healthy snacks can include whole-grain crackers, granola bars, some fruits, and peanut butter sandwiches. Parents can also opt to get creative and prepare fun snacks for their child.

As a provider for childcare in Northeast Washington, D.C., we believe that serving healthy meals and snacks to children has a big impact on their growth and learning.

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