Developing Language Skills with Sentence Stems

Some of the most common activities in child care centers are storytime and read-aloud activities. Aside from providing intriguing stories that teach children life lessons, these activities should be used in a way that promotes a child’s language skills. Children, on the other hand, frequently respond with one- or two-word responses.

Although it is encouraging that the children are interacting with the teacher, it is still critical for an early childhood center to develop strategies for allowing their young students to respond in coherent multiple-word responses.

Educators from our nursery facilities in Washington, DC can help kids express themselves more fully and build their early language skills by providing some of the vocabularies they need. Using sentence stems is one way to accomplish this. These two- to three-word sentence starters can be used by children as scaffolds to help them express their ideas in full sentences.

Sentence stems can help with language development in early childhood education. Here are some sentences to practice at home or in class: “I remember…”, “I learned…”, and “I wonder…”

Sentence stems assist students to focus on what they want to say by providing structure for their responses while listening or participating in group conversations. Explain how each individual stem allows them to communicate their ideas. You’ll quickly see that sentence stems provide children with more focused and meaningful ways to respond to stories.

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