Childhood Habits Your Kids Must Unlearn

Children display annoying behaviors or habits when stressed, unhappy, or insecure. But calling their attention, yelling, or punishing them doesn’t work. A patient and calm tone of childcare providers in Good Hope Rd. SE, Washington, DC may do.

Among these unlikely habits of children from pre-kindergarten in Northeast Washington, DC are:

  • Thumb sucking

    A child usually turns to the thumb when bored, tired, or upset. Thumb sucking has a calming effect, and most often, it helps kids go to sleep. But be wary because it may alter your child’s bite or teeth when they start to come. You can encourage them to help change their ways, participate in a no-thumb-sucking week, and offer a prize.

  • Nail biting

    Your school age child may get an infection when he gets used to biting his nails, as it may result in recurrent bleeding. To stop a nail-biting behavior, strip-banding his fingers with a clean cloth dipped in a flavor he dislikes may help.

  • Nose picking

    Nose-picking is considered socially unacceptable behavior. It starts when irritation inside the nose occurs and may become a vicious cycle when left unchecked. To break this habit, as the babysitter keep your child’s nose moist regularly with a saline spray before going to bed till crusting and irritation stop.

Our private preschool believes that we should not rush things and allow a gradual change in our children’s habits. Forcing them to do so is disrespectful. And we don’t want them to mimic the behavior.

If you need help in providing them with activities to help get rid of their habits, call Community Educational Research Group now.

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