Building Your Child’s Self-Confidence

Building Your Child’s Self-Confidence

We all feel a little shy sometimes. It is human. But, too much shyness can come from a lack of self-confidence, which can shut down opportunities for the person. This unfortunate cycle continues until we summon the courage to believe in ourselves and think that we are enough.

This is a compelling case to build confidence in your child. However, you have to be careful. Too much confidence can also do as much damage as the situation where you have none of it.

As a parent, you can support your child’s self-esteem in a healthy way. First, you can help them understand what confidence is all about. Sustainable self-esteem comes from knowing that you can do or deliver something. It is therefore essential to teach your kid the tasks or skills so they may have the confidence to do it by themselves.

Recognizing your child is a good reinforcement but take caution that you are not praising them too well. Provide constructive feedback on what they do and solicit their suggestions on what they can do better. In this way, they feel their opinions are valued and they are responsible for their actions.

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