A Closer Look at What Kids Learn in Pre-Kindergarten

From learning how to cooperate with others to counting to 10, preschool is a wonderful period of discovery. The entire span of lessons and activities that your child will be taught at private preschool is what’s known as the preschool curriculum. In this blog, we take a closer look at the concepts and lessons your child will learn during pre-kindergarten:

  • Academic Concepts

    Unlike a daycare center in Southeast, Washington, DC, pre-k teaches more advanced concepts to young children. This includes academic concepts like reading the calendar, including the seasons and days of the week. Children learn cooperation, listening, taking turns, and transitioning from one activity to another. They also learn how to write letters and numbers, as well as count and draw.

  • Motor Skills

    Preschool-age kids are learning how to master both fine and gross motor skills. Unlike nursery facilities in Washington, DC, preschool focuses on nurturing these developmental skills. Fine motor activities are essential for writing, drawing, and similar activities, while gross motor skills are worked on during recess and playtime.

  • Extracurricular Activities

    Extracurricular activities may also be included to spark growth and nurture children’s interests. Activities like field trips, singing, presentations, and storytelling provide a social bonding experience and make fun engaging. This nurtures a love for learning from a young age.

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