Engaging your child in social activities for their discovery

Your child’s school life doesn’t have to be the usual school-to-home cycle. They need to engage in activities wherein they can discover their skills and have the chance to interact with other children. During Out of School Time (OST) programs, we supervise your children to keep them safe and sound while they enjoy the program’s events and activities. Our staff will be there to ensure that your child is doing well and that they are comfortable with the environment.

What Can Out of School Time (OST) Programs Do?

  • We organize activities and gatherings that can help your child socialize with other children.
  • Based on research, participating in OST programs can contribute to your child’s academic achievements.
  • Our OST programs follow evidence-based practices that are aimed at improving your child’s intrapersonal and social skills.
  • We comply with the safety rules and regulations for our students’ health, wellness, and safety.

Connect with Us Today!

If you want your child to attain quality early education, Community Educational Research Group is more than ready to welcome your child. Should you have questions for us, feel free to send us a message anytime.