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A Child's World For Learning.

Learn more about what a thriving before and after school program provides!

In part one, we examined why before and afterschool programs are needed — not only are they a place for kids to thrive in their growth and development, but a needed resource for working parents and caregivers. In today’s post, we’ll explore more about what makes a great before and after school program. If you didn’t catch the first post, click on the link below.

The Call For A Great Before And Afterschool Program In DC! (Part One)

At the Community Education Research Group in DC, our Antioch facility provides childcare before and after school for not only a safe place for kids to be but in a thriving environment that supports their growth and development. Join us for part two today! 

What You’ll Find In A Thriving Before And Afterschool Program

Invested Teachers And Staff Members

This is a no-brainer, right?! Great childcare in before and after school programs will have invested teachers. But, how do you know they’re invested? If there is ever a day where you can drop in and observe the classroom, watch the teachers and notice a few of the following traits:

Patience – Every child is going to be different and with this, the teacher needs to accommodate each one which will require patience. And, it will likely involve answering the same question over and over again and trying to meet each child where they’re at. 

Engaging – It’s important for the teacher to be engaging to be able to present different teaching styles that can keep different students engaged in what they’re learning or doing. An engaging teacher is typically one where the kids feel safe to be themselves and are attracted to reach out more if they have questions or need help. 

Flexible – An invested teacher is able to navigate around any issues or concerns that arise and can address difficult situations as they come up. 

Strong communication and listening skills – To be a great teacher, strong listening and communication skills are the foundation. Not only do they have to be able to communicate what they need and require from the kids, but in the same vein, be able to listen intently to what the kids need. 

Guiding Kids In Developing A Variety Of Skills

As we know, academic skills aren’t the only skills need to have to thrive, there are many more! And, the more skills that kids are able to foster in a before and after school program, the more well-rounded, resilient, and adaptive they’ll be. 

Academic skills – Before and after school care is a great place for kids to improve their academics — not only are they able to work on homework, but they have the assistance from teachers to help them problem solve if they get stuck. 

Social skills – Because kids are surrounded with other kids and teachers, it provides them a great environment to better cultivate social and emotional skills. They learn more about people and how to interact, problem-solve, nurture, and help others in the interactions they have in games and conversations.  

Before And Afterschool Care Matters!

It’s crucial to find a before and after school program where your child gets the support and care they need from teachers who care. 

Our Antioch childcare facility in DC has just this! For more information about this program, reach out today!