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A Child's World For Learning.

  1. Preparing Your Little One For Daycare (Part One)

    Because sometimes it’s a joint effort in daycare preparation for both the parent and child! There are many milestones you face as a parent which makes life with a little one so bittersweet, and one of them may be the day you decide to place them in daycare. In a perfect world, we would be able to spend all of our time with our child and be there every waking moment in their development, but they…Read More

  2. The Ultimate Checklist in Choosing a Daycare Facility For Your Child (Part Two)

    Choosing childcare services to entrust your child to is daunting — you want to know they’re in good hands. So, how do you find a daycare facility that you feel comfortable with? In part one of this series, we began the conversation of daycare by examining the different types of daycares and how they can benefit your child. If you live in the DC area, you know the difficulty of finding affordab…Read More

  3. The Ultimate Checklist in Choosing a Daycare Facility For Your Child (Part One)

    Putting your child in daycare is an important decision for any parent or caregiver and knowing they’re in good hands helps ease the stress and anxiety of this transition. If making the decision to place your child in daycare has come to a head and it’s something that needs to be done, you may feel an overwhelming sense of worry — the time has come for both you and your child to transition. P…Read More

  4. Teaching Diversity — From an Afterschool Facility to Daycare (Part Two)

    What’s similar? What’s different? These are things children notice almost instantaneously, so it’s important to include diversity work in your daycare and afterschool facilities. In part one, we explored ways to incorporate diversity into the classroom through vocabulary, learning about people’s culture and traditions year round, and asking leading, empathetic, and appropriate questions. D…Read More

  5. Teaching Diversity — From an Afterschool Facility to Daycare (Part One)

    Socialization for little ones in afterschool programs and daycare exposes them to a wide range of diversity in cultures, languages, abilities, and environments. There is no doubt kids are curious and can instantly spot similarities and differences. Children may recognize the similarities and differences amongst their peers, so it is up to the leaders and teachers in before and afterschool programs…Read More

  6. The 6 Benefits of Afterschool Programs

    Learn how an afterschool program benefits your child more than typical child care. An exceptional afterschool program is more than just child care — not only is your child safe and sound, but there are so many opportunities for social and academic growth. From interacting with their peers to solidifying learning basics, every child can benefit. Experience the leading child care in our afterschoo…Read More

  7. Is There a Secret to Getting Kids to Listen?

    We’ve all been there — trying to get our child to listen to no avail, while they’re actively ignoring you! With each request getting louder and more firm, it’s any wonder if their teeth will get brushed or if they’ll finally turn off the TV. Nothing can be more frustrating as a parent or caregiver, and it’s probably not your goal to be the kind of parent that is constantly yelling for …Read More

  8. Educational Child Care Services and The Working Parent (Part Two)

    In part one, we briefly touched on the benefits of educational child care services and how the options for working parents are limited. We began our exploration on delving into where these programs have gone and how child care has dramatically changed from how it was even 50 years ago. In today’s post, we’ll further dive into all of the childcare options parents face, and how the options are e…Read More

  9. Educational Child Care Services and The Working Parent (Part One)

    If you’re a working parent or caregiver you know, firsthand, the struggles of finding educational child care services that are both affordable and beneficial for your child. On one hand, childcare services are offered and they’re just that — a place for you to send your kid while you work — and that’s not necessarily offering any sort of educational curriculum. Then there are early educa…Read More