In our early education toddler program, we enroll kids of ages from 15 months through 30 months, with an adult-to-child ratio of one adult to four children. We want to see your child thrive in early education and beyond, so the correct curriculum is crucial. The curriculum we implement is the Creative Curriculum for toddlers that aligns with the DC Common Core Early Learning Standards.

What is the Creative Curriculum?

The basics of the Creative Curriculum are evidenced-based teaching strategies with their core rooted in child development theory and the most current research surrounding early childhood education. The Creative Curriculum stresses not only the guidance of teachers, but aims in providing the teachers with the what, how, why in teaching tools. Our teachers then develop curriculum around these three types of information:

  • The developmental stages and how children learn
  • The individuality of each child, including their needs, strengths, and interests
  • The child’s family, community, and cultures that surround them

Within the Creative Curriculum, we foster the following concepts in early childhood education:

  • Teacher-child relationships and interactions
  • Social and emotional proficiencies
  • Constructive and purposeful play
  • Exploration of environment
  • Teacher-family relationships

When educators use a multifaceted approach to early childhood education, such as the Creative Curriculum, this sets and secures later success in their educational foundations.

What are DC Common Core Early Learning Standards?

These common core standards in early childhood education are ever-evolving standards reflecting the current educational research evidence and philosophies throughout the country. These standards are on a continuum of expected skills, learning, and development from birth through grade three. The early childhood learning expectations provide teachers and parents with information of what children in this age group should know. The standards focus on the development and learning of the whole-child and focus on areas, such as literacy, mathematics, the arts, scientific inquiries, social studies, and health and wellness.

We implement the Creative Curriculum, which aligns itself with DC Common Core Early Learning Standards that builds a foundation of early childhood education success for each child in the toddler program.