Our preschool early childhood education program welcomes children from ages two and a half to fives years old. Our preschool classroom has an adult-to-child ratio of one adult to eight children. We’re here to help prepare and guide your child for what is to come in their elementary education and beyond. Our educators utilize the Creative Curriculum with our preschoolers, which is a comprehensive, researched-based curriculum.

More about the Creative Curriculum

Learning milestones and actions for preschoolers in early childhood education are comprised in exploration and discovery as a method of learning. Our teachers are guided by a six-volume foundation that creates a not only a thriving learning environment for our preschoolers, but also asks the teacher to go beyond the what and how, and challenge the students on the why of what they’re learning. The teacher also receives a dai,ly step-by-step learning prompt with each activity to further foster learning and development skills while promoting positive outcomes. The Creative Curriculum not only aligns itself with DC Common Core Early learning Standards, but also with Head Start Child Development and other early childhood education frameworks and standards.

Why the Creative Curriculum is important for your child

The Creative Curriculum in early childhood education is important to your child because it sets them up for future success in the educational system. This curriculum will seamlessly prepare them with confidence, critical thinking skills, and creativity to help them transition into early education with ease.

The curriculum caters to every kind of learner with individualized instruction in math, reading, technology, science, and the arts.

The Creative Curriculum aligns itself with the DC Common Core Early Standards, which is a set of learning standard that all preschoolers should display before they move into kindergarten. Our teachers go above and beyond these standards to provide your child with the absolute best skills and learning early childhood education has to offer.