At Community Education Research Group, our infant education is offered at eight weeks through 15 months in age. The first year of your child’s development is nothing short of spectacular! In their first year of development, they’ll start with playing with toys and learning to hold themselves up, to understanding sounds and recognizing faces. While your child may not have the ability to speak, they’re intently watching the world around them.

Our infant education provides a variety of age-appropriate learning experiences coupled with a low adult-to-child ratio for individualized attention and care.

The Creative Curriculum for infants – infant education

The Creative Curriculum is an educational program that we use here at Community Education Research Group. It recognizes that every child is an individual and that they learn differently, too! This curriculum guides teachers and caregivers in an infant curriculum to foster responsive daily routines and purposeful early education for the youngest of learners.
We teach from multiple volumes encompassing Early Education 101 with a daily resource lesson to put knowledge into practice and further their infant education. Not only are there research backed objectives but there is support that focuses on experiences and engagement, in addition to a bilingual edition to support spanish speakers.

The Creative Curriculum aligns itself with DC Common Core Learning Standards. Although elementary education seems far away, the DC Common Core is what your child will follow in kindergarten, as they enter the public school system. The Creative Curriculum thus echos the expectations of DC Common Core to help prepare your child for what is to come.

Why infant education?

Infant education is important because children — even infant aged — are molded by their earliest experiences in life. These experiences then shape the architecture of their brains, cumulativly building and laying the foundation for all that follows!

Help shape positive infant education for your child today!

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