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A Child's World For Learning.

Early education comes from a variety of experiences your child has, whether it be through child care services or a preschool program — these early experiences shape your child’s future academic success.

Let’s face it — choosing a preschool program is equivalent to preparing for college these days, after all, you want the best for your child. But, then there are the nuances and finer details of things like the location and cost of the preschool program.

Community Education Research Group is a community preschool program that serves the DC area with three convenient locations, and at our core, we want to make early education accessible to all. So, spend a moment with us today as we dive more into who we are and why the only choice for preschool education is us!   

With an assortment of pre-k programs, our preschool learning offers something a little different!


The Community Education Research Group Difference

We are a public preschool that not only follows the DC Common Core Early Learning Standards, but there are so many other facets to us we can’t wait to share!

naeyc Accredited

What is the naeyc? The National Association for the Education of Young Children is an organization that seeks to support early childhood education from birth through eight years of age through policy adaptations and research. Their primary focus are the young children and the teachers who work with them.

We are proud to stand with and be naeyc accredited! To understand more about who they are and why this partnership is so crucial, read more here.  

Our preschool learning fosters respect and nurturing while challenging and engaging our children.

It’s important that our classrooms foster pleasant relationships both with the children and adults. Interaction and engagement is at the core of it and there is an ongoing dialogue — there are no long periods of being ignored, awaiting instruction, or solitude. When children come to preschool it’s something they look forward to.

Our preschool provides ongoing opportunities to develop both academically and socio-emotionally.  

New skills and knowledge are always cultivated at our preschool. When you come and visit, you’ll always notice a bustling classroom where projects, conversation, reading, and experiments are at the forefront. Because we cater and specialize in the DC Common Core Early Learning Standards, the curriculum and materials we incorporate and both challenging and individualized to stir academic development.

We know how active kids are so we try and avoid long periods of sitting, and ensure that the activities are engaging so kids aren’t left just wandering about.

Preschoolers are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills to make decisions on their own — they can choose between activities, decide what to create, and develop their curiosities with the exciting new peers they interact with.

Diversity is celebrated!

A preschooler’s background including their language, traditions, and culture are celebrated and encouraged to be explored in our classroom. Often times, our teachers support their curriculum with lessons dedicated to teaching diversity.

A day of preschool hums with different activities.

It’s important that a child gets the feel for both small-group and large-group activities because it’s vital for them to learn how to interact socially with the whole group and how to regulate themselves when asked to work alone — self-regulation is fostered in both the small and large group environments.

Our preschool prepares them for their future in the public school system.

There are many skills preschoolers need to foster to be successful in the public school system, and that is exactly what our curriculum is geared towards. From reading and writing, numbers and shapes, vocabulary, math and science, etc, we support your child and set them up for future successes.

Our preschool program is paving the way for early education success in the DC area!

To learn more about enrollment, reach out and connect with us today!