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A Child's World For Learning.

If you’ve been exploring local preschool programs you may have encountered programs, such as ours, that follow DC Common Core learning standards. This may seem serious for kids just entering the school system, but in DC, it’s very deliberate and intentional to guide kids towards educational success.

At Community Education Research Group, we have three nearby preschool locations including Antioch, Minnesota Avenue, and Good Hope Road. It’s already the beginning of a new school year and if you’re exploring our facility but need to know more about the DC Common Core learning standards we follow, find that information here in today’s post.

What Are the DC Common Core Learning Standards

The Common Core standards focus on mathematics, English language arts, and literacy (ELA) and were developed to assist kids and find success in their education. Because the state of the world they’re entering is competitive and demanding as ever, these standards were designed to bring consistent and clear guidelines to fruition so they can graduate high school with success. The standards were created by educational experts from around the country to ensure that our kids are prepared for college, entry-level careers, and workforce training arrangements.  

The standards are a way for teachers to measure the progress of their kids throughout the school year and track their progress to make sure they are on the right path and prepared for the next grade level. There are established learning goals for each grade (including preschool) and they outline what the child will learn at the end of each grade. The development of these standards was out of the notion that every child should have access to high-quality education regardless of their socioeconomic status and where they live.

It’s no secret that the US school system has become dormant in comparison to the rest of the world, and we trail in areas of math and science, so the Common Core standards were created to help remedy that.

The Common Core standards include:

  • Research and evidence-based information
  • Clear, consistent, and understandable
  • Align with career and college expectations
  • The application of higher-order thinking skills
  • Built upon the foundation of DC state standards
  • Preparation for individuals to enter society and the global economy

Why are the DC common core standards important, especially at the preschool level?

It’s important that early education programs and public schools follow a standardized set of learning guidelines to not only establish a set of expectations, but to ensure that each child is getting the same education. When compared to previous state standards, each state’s educational standards varied, and the kids suffered because not all were able to meet the expectations of college, employers, or workforce training. The set standards ensure consistency and the ability for kids fresh out of high school to thrive.

This is important at the preschool level because it begins to prepare the kids in the structure and function of the DC Common Core learning standards, and only makes it that much more advantageous to their educational pilgrimage.

There is a lot of information surrounding DC Common Core learning standards, so we’re going to break up the information and cover more on the myths and facts about it in part two! Stay tuned!

For more information regarding our preschool program, contact us today!